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HISASHI- MyRobot massage chair is a Japanese technique for your body and soul. HISASHI-MyRobot has everything, new technology with SL- track massage. Design is modern and ergonomic, It’s features use newest technology for massage chairs such as body scanning, 3D roller massage, remote control and blue tooth with built in speaker on each side so you can enjoy your music while getting a massage. We recommend this product to people who need ultimate massage experience in everyday life. Below information, we have listed all the description of this model.

Product description

New technology SL-Track Massage chair
 The SL track follows the contours of your back and then goes underneath your buttocks area to your thighs. This allows for the massage rollers to have more coverage area and give you a good deep massage that standard S track designs are not able to do. It is the longest massage track system.

3D Surrounding Massage Technology
3D massage technology is a new type of roller that allows the roller heads to protrude from the track an additional 3 to 5 inches and gives most closed to person’s hand massage.

2 Stages Zero Gravity Massage
Zero gravity position is the perfect position to enjoy a massage. Zero-gravity massage chairs can help distribute a user’s weight across the chair. This relieves stress on the body and allows for a deeper, more intense massage experience. The chairs distribute your weight and support you, and they will rub away your tension and stress. The reduction of stress on your body is so effective you’ll feel virtually weightless as a result. There are 2 stages of zero gravity, the 2nd being more reclined. When reclined fully, to where your legs are higher than your heart level, the therapeutic effects are incredibly effective and may be felt immediately.

Computer Body Scan
It allows for the rollers to map the back curvature. It provides accuracy. The curving track system allows the rollers to focus on key areas like neck, shoulder and lumbar. The computer body scan will run a 15 second analysis prior to starting your massage. The chair will give customized massage.

Next Generation Air Compression Massage
Hisashi-MyRobot massage chair come equipped airbags to provide an air compression massage to your entire body, has re-engineered and developed the next generation of air massage technology. Instead of using more airbags, they increased the volume of the airbags in order to stream line the massage chair. Their ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of working parts without sacrificing the quality of your massage. This put less stress on the massage chair and their parts.

Arm and Hand, Finger Air Compression Massage

The arm area of the Hisashi- MyRobot massage chair has  airbags on each side , use a durable

spandex to help invigorate your forearms. The airbags squeeze your arms and hands for a thorough massage.

Shoulder, Lumbar, Hip and Buttock Compression Massage

There are airbags located on either side of your shoulders. These help to not only give you an outer shoulder massage, but they also help to hold your body in place as the various massage rollers work on your back. The lumbar and waist area have  airbags that give you a compression massage. These inflate/deflate independently to help work your hips and pelvic area to increase your stability and provide an invigorating stretch.

Thigh, Calf & Feet Air Massage

There are located in the calf area and located around the feet. The calf airbags are located along the sides and backs of the legs. These help to relieve your stress and bring your tired legs back to life. The airbags located along the feet help to keep your feet in place and push down as the foot massage rollers go to work. This part can move up massage to your knee.

Dual Feet and Calves Rollers

Located at the bottom of the feet and calves are 2 rows of reflexology massagers. These provide a smoothing and kneading style massage to help relieve your sore feet and calves. The rollers will spin and actually stimulate the acupuncture points along the bottom of your feet and back of your calves. Airbags are used to help keep your feet in place and to also push your feet down for an even deeper massage.

Advanced Twist Function

Hisashi- MyRobot massage chair comes with a brand new twist program. This program utilizes the airbags that are located in the seat and lumbar area. They each inflate and deflate independently in order to create a swaying motion in your pelvic and hip region. This allows for a stretch to be applied and makes your hips more flexible.

Auto Leg Extension for the tall person

Remote control allows you to use the leg extension between the calf and the foot. This model can handle a body frame up to 195 cm, and a maximum weight capacity is 285 lbs.

Heating and Shiatsu Specialized therapy
In the Japanese language, shiatsu means "finger pressure". Shiatsu techniques include
massages with fingers, thumbs, and palms to assisted stretching and t manipulation and mobilization. HISASHI-MyRobot automatic programs based on shiatsu therapy to give user the best massage experience , includes heating therapy on lower back calves and feet area.

Built in Premium Bluetooth Speakers
Bluetooth with two premium quality speakers on each side so you can enjoy your music while getting a massage.


Start with automatic 15 minutes to adjustable 5 mins intervals up to 30 mins. 4 Types of automatic massage programs with 5 different spot/ potion massage functions.

Benefits of Hisashi- MyRobot 3D SL-Shape Massage Chair
*Enter into the realm of serenity and relaxation with your choice of music by blue tooth massage chair massages away the strains and fatigue after a long day at work.
* Human-3D massage technology delivers a deep and point-focused massage to relieve and
soothe accumulated strains and tension like a professional masseur.
*Quick comfort for arms, hands and palms
*Rhythmic massage airbags are strategically positioned to revitalise the entire length of your arms from shoulders to the fingertips.
*Tenderise thighs, hips and buttocks
*Prolonged sitting retards healthy circulation in the lower body. Stimulate a smooth blood flow on your lower body with the robust air pressure massage.
*Refresh worn out calves, ankles and feet
*The combination of wrap-around power squeeze, vibration massage, roller reflexology and warm air thoroughly rejuvenates tired and aching legs.

Intelligent shoulder detection sensors
Activated at the start of every automatic massage programme, the shoulder detection feature ensures you benefit from the full curative effect of the most personalised massage, by understanding and conforming to your unique physical build.

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