Deluxe Zero Gravity space massage chair.

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Product feature
S-shaped design of the back line is close to the body back curve. It makes massage more
professional and comfortable. Massage effect similar as professional massage style.

The newly designed four wheel massage movement With newly developed four wheel massage movement, kneading width is 7-20cm, kneading massage becomes more delicate. Increasing the shoulder detector makes shoulder detection more accurate and reliable. With research and development combining with ergonomic curve rail, it makes back massage more comfortable.

Multiple simulation massage
Back massage has three location modes    
Whole course fixed position
: do massage for the whole back
Partial fixed position: current massage point as center, the massage area is 1/3 of whole course.
Fixed point massage: In manual mode, choose "fixed point "massage, it will repeat current action or actions.

New design for armrest
Armrest not only has the elegant and simple appearance, but also has quick assembly. Beautiful colour and streamline model will interest you.

Antibacterial, wear-resistant, breathable, PU leather and easy to clean

Each piece of chosen leather is precious. Even very superior leather must be done HoHS detection, hydrolysis test, the peeling, stretch, tear and wear test before using it. We try to keep the original nature of the leather. The fine pores on leather surface are visible. Through special fabric process, ing the most suitable parts for different massage products to ensure that is more flexible and durable, softer to skin.

New design for hand touch controller

With LED hand controller, you can choose any one of four massage programs, regulating massage kneading width, up and down massage route and the tilt angle of the chair frame, you can do manually to achieve targeted massage.

Product description

1. Straight guide rail on the back, with automatic body physical test.
2. Intelligent mechanical massage hand with four-wheel drive and automatic, manual adjustment.
3. Six optional massage methods: kneading, flapping, shiatsu, knocking, Swedish-style massage, and manipulation.
4. Body type test function on the upper body; test on the shoulders and adjustment of shoulder position.
5. Seven automatic massage modes: sleep mode, synchronous music, health care, presentation, physical therapy, relaxation, and intelligent mode.
6. Three manual massage options on the upper body: whole, part, and fixed point; massage speed is adjustable; massage ball width is adjustable.
7. 24 air bags on the shank, foot, hip and waist; air pressure massage force is adjustable.
8. Electric stretching function on the shank, and the length can be adjusted to meet different body heights; air-inflated shiatsu on the foot.
9. MP3 music player and synchronous music function.
10. Automatic adjustment on the back frame and shank frame to reach the best posture.
11. The zero-gravity inclination angle ranges from 110 to 170 degrees to facilitate blood circulation.

Technical index

Rated Voltage: 220-240V AC
Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated Power Consumption: 200W
Timer (Minutes): 5/10/15/20/25/30Minute
Maximum rated time: 30Minute
Main Chair:L139*W74*H80cm
Gross Weight:128 kgs
Net Weight:106 kgs

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